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Cobra FRS200
Harga : Rp.50,000
The GPX FRS200 has more features than most radios in its class, including support for 14 channels and 38 subcodes, a call button, a two-mile range, and a backlit LCD. It's an easy-to-use FRS radio with a value price. The FRS200 was up and running as soon as we popped in the requisite four AAA batteries. In our tests, the radio's sound quality was excellent. Its range was comparable to that of most FRS radios we've tested--one mile under average conditions, two miles under ideal conditions. Unfortunately, we ran into a few snags when we tested some of the radio's more advanced features. The call button, supposedly used to transmit a short call tone to others tuned to the same channel, transmitted nothing but static. Another feature that emits a short beep when the talk button is released (to let the others in your group know that you've finished transmitting).