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Panasonic PABX KX-TDA600
  • PC-Based programming
  • DXDP (Digital Extra Device Port)
  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
  • Toll Restrictions
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

Harga : Rp.0
The New KX-TDA600 is a hybrid IP PBX system to fulfil customers requirements today and into the future. It can be configured to meet their present needs and expand as their applications grow or change. Plus, with the KX-TDA600's free slot architecture, you can easily insert expansion cards and access new features as well as expand your capabilities.Packed with features the KX-TDA600 is ideal for so many different applications. These include hospitality, call centres, remote users and IP networking. It also allows for greater efficiency, with DECT and IP handsets can provide mobility and flexibility around the office, site or network. The KX-TDA600 can also integrate with the KXT-VM voice range with integrated email delivery.Utilising the gateway and extender or IP handsets, homeworkers and remote branches can access the features of your central communication platform.
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