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Battery Sanyo Eneloop AAA Rechargeable
  • Rechargeable 1500x
  • Can Be Used Immediately Out of the Pack
  • Holds 75% of its Charge f/Up To 3 Years
  • Very Slow Discharge Rate
  • Costs About 4 Cents per Recharge
  • Can Be Stored for a Long Time
  • Environmentally Friendly
Harga : Rp.80,000
This is a blister pack of two Eneloop AAA Ni-MH Batteries from Sanyo. These batteries are superior to traditional alkaline AAA batteries since they are rechargeable and will retain their charge over a 3-year span. They come pre-charged out of the pack and can be recharged approximately up to 1500x. They are also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to use batteries since they can be re-used over and over without having to toss them away.