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DTC Tab Phone G150
  • Android 2,2.
  • GSM call function and SMS.
  • RAM 512 MB.
  • Storage 4 GB.
  • Support Micro SD up to 32 GB.
  • Open GL ES-CM 1,0.
  • WiFi and Camera.
  • Free Keyboard.
Harga : Rp.1,650,000
DTC Tab you need to replace the functions of a laptop Mobile you? Size is smaller than the laptopanda, you can browse while lying, standing, walking and very easy as reading a book. With a 7 inch screen size will be much smaller feel than if you use a laptop.

Some of the considerations you should think again to buy the DTC Tab Mobile price and quality as the most important thing is speksifikasi DTC Tab Mobile. You do not need to hesitate again with the specification of DTC Tab Mobile, because by using:

     IOS Android 2.2
     SMS + GSM call function.
     TFI LCD multi touch screen.
     512 MB RAM.
     4 GB of storage.
     Support Micro SD up to 32 GB.
     Open GL ES-CM 1.0.
     WiFi and Camera.
     External 3G.
     Support Adobe Flash Player.

You are more easy to browse and download anything, anywhere, anytime. It's true anyway if DTC Tab China Mobile is the production of a product but this one has distinct advantages for using the Android operating system.