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Paket Akhir Tahun I
  • 1 Unit Panasonic KX-DT333
  • 1 Unit Panasonic Headset KX-TCA430

Paket Akhir Tahun II
  • 1 Unit Panasonic KX-DT543
  • 1 Unit Panasonic Headset KX-TCA430

PAket Akhir Tahun VII
  • 1 Unit Panasonic KX-DT333
  • 1 Unit Philips Headset SHU3000

Panasonic Digital Proprietary Telephone KX-DT343
  • 3-line backlit LCD display
  • 24 flexible CO buttons
  • Digital Speakerphone
  • 60-DSS console (option : KX-DT390)

Panasonic Digital Proprietary Telephone KX-DT546X
  • 6-line Graphical LCD with backlighting
  • 24 freely programmable function keys
  • EHS (Electronic Hook Switch)
  • Speaker Phone, handset and headset with full duplex
  • Available in black and white colour

Panasonic DSS Console KX-DT390X
  • 60-DSS Console (Optional for KX-DT346/343/333 only).

Panasonic DSS Console KX-DT590X
  • 48 DSS buttons, to be used in full flexibility, e.g.:
    • Direct Station Selection
    • Pre-Programmable One Touch Number dialing
    • Frequently used features
    • Busy Station Signalling
  • Direct connected to the KX-DT543/ KX-DT546
  • Maximum of 4 DSS console per phone can be connected
  • Avaliable in black and white

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