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    Single Line Telephone
    Single Line Telephone
    Cordless / Wireless phone
    Cordless / Wireless phone
    Alcatel Conference
    Alcatel Conference
    SIP Phone
    SIP Phone
    Alcatel Single Line Telephone T56
    • Numeric display with Called ID*
    • Handsfree function
    • 4 direct and 10 2-touch memories
    • Wall mountable

    Alcatel Single Line Telephone T76 setara dengan KX-TS885/880
    • Incoming call visual indicator
    • Extra large dot-matrixdisplay with Caller ID*
    • Handsfree Function
    • 8 direct and 10 2-touch memories
    • Wall mountable

    Alcatel Cordless Phone C250
    • Hands-free function
    • Log of last 10 incoming calls
    • Caller ID
    • 20 name and number directory
    • Backlit display

    Alcatel Single Line Telephone T22 white setara dengan KX-TS505MX white
    • Incoming call visual indicator
    • Redial key
    • Ringtone volume control
    • Wall mountable

    Alcatel Cordless Phone S250
    • Speakerphone
    • 50 Phonebook Memory
    • 5 Last Number Redial
    • Answering Machine with 14 minutes recording time (S250 Voice only)

    Alcatel 1500
    • 2 detachable DECT Microphone
    • Pure Sound
    • Analogue conferencing phone
    • Full Duplex hands free function
    • Backlit display with Calling Line Identification



    SIP Phone Alcatel Temporis IP1020
    • 8 SIP accounts
    • Keypad with white backlight
    • Free talking in full duplex quality
    • HD sound

    Alcatel 1850 IP
    • The full duplex handsfree
    • The backlit display with Caller ID
    • The 5 direct memories
    • The four detachable DECT microphones
    • Suitable SIP standard compliant IP PBXs (LAN Port)
    • SIP standard compliant PC softphones via USB (for example, Skype)

    SIP Phone Alcatel Temporis IP150 setara dengan Yealink T21P
    • Full Duplex Hands-Free
    • Compact Design
    • One-Touch Access Keys
    • Comfortable keypad
    • Backlid Dispaly with Caller ID

    Alcatel Single Line Telephone T06 white
    • Ultra compact to fit in limited spaces
    • Redial key automatically redial the last called number
    • Ringtone volume control
    • Wall mountable