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    Money Counter Machine
    Money Counter Machine
    paper shredder
    paper shredder
    Brother PT-90
    • 3 interchangeable face plates for personalizing your machine's look
    • 8 Deco Mode Patterns for extra-stylish labels
    • Uses non-laminated "M" series tapes in 3/8" and 1/2" widths
    • Easy view, 12-character LCD display
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    Secure LD-26M
    • Automatic detecting with UV and MG while counting
    • Double-Notes  Detecting
    • With batching, adding and Self-examination functions
    • With front big LCD screen display

    Secure LD-22A
    • To count any bills automaticlly
    • To preset counting (batch counting)
    • To Check the half notes, broken notes and chain notes automaticlly
    • to check the fake bills by UV

    Brother PT-H105
    • Main Features: Easy Access Function Keys; Auto Designs Deco Mode; Print Speed 20mm/sec
    • Screen: Lcd Display 12 Characters
    • Tape Type: Tze Tape
    • Tape Widths (mm): 3.5, 6, 9, 12mm
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    Secure MAXI-34CCM
    • LED display with overload,overheat,binfull & paper jam notification
    • Separate CD & credit cards entry
    • Shred CD,Straples & paper clip
    • With lockable caster

    secure EzSS-6315A
    • Ukuran Kertas : 230 mm
    • Kapasitas Kertas : 15 Lembar
    • Kecepatan Potong : 7,5 m/menit
    • Dapat Menghancurkan : Steples, Paper Clip